Friday, November 21, 2008

And just for fun...

Here's a pic of my girly in the first snowfall LAST year. Luckily *some* of the chub in her cheeks has redistributed itself into the rest of her body since then...! :)

Ralphie, I can't put my arms down!!

This morning we were very excited to wake up to our first snow "storm". In reality, there is probably only about an inch or two on the ground, but for a Carolina girl, that's a pretty big deal. My mom bought Evie a snowsuit during the after-Christmas sales last year (OK, I MADE her by it by implying that she wasn't a good nana if she didn't). So I suited Evie up, made a quick stop at K-mart for some snow boots (is it just me, or is K-mart not cheap anymore? What's the point of spending $68 for a cashmere sweater from K-MART?! But I digress...) and then we had at it. Here are a few action shots. (Is it bad that when she fell down [which was often] I made her writhe about in the snow without any help until I could snap a photo? I just couldn't stand it-- it was too cute!)

When I was little, we were always allowed to have hot cocoa when we came in from playing in the snow. At the ripe old age of 16 months, I wasn't quite ready to introduce that to Evie. But she warmed up by nursing and cuddling with mama when we came inside. Fun adventures with my girl!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pampered Chef for Haiti

I'm reposting this from my sister Gwenn's blog. She, her husband Nick, and their three small children are planning on moving to Haiti next year to be house-parents/siblings :) at the Haitian Children's Home. One of their friends is doing this super-cool and generous thing as a means of raising support for Gwenn and Nick's move. I thought I'd pass it on-- Pampered Chef sells GREAT stuff, and it makes really wonderful Christmas gifts, too! Hint hint...
Reposting this!!!

Come on friends-- let's get some shopping done!
Starting Saturday, November 1, you have an opportunity to get some Christmas shopping done and support our move to Haiti. Think of it this way, you will be shopping with purpose! (What could be better?!)

A friend of ours in Kentucky is a Pampered Chef consultant. She is doing a Pampered Chef online party to support the HCH-- specifically, Nick and I's move. You shop normally FOR YOU (or for Christmas gifts) online. Pampered Chef will donate 15% of the price of your purchase to HCH for our benefit. Additionally, Ashlee (the consultant) is donating 10% of your purchase price as well. So for everything you order, 25% of the cost will be going to us to help get us to Haiti!

The party is open November 1- November 15. So hurry!

Pampered Chef is ALSO offering this great deal-- 20% off of all classsic unglazed stoneware! It's a pretty good deal. That stuff is great.

You can either choose to have your order shipped directly to your home, or have it sent to me if you are local. (But be forewarned, if it is sent to me, I will not be able to get it to you until after Dec 2 since we will be in Haiti when it arrives.)

So click here:

From there, click "Order Products" and be SURE to mention me, Gwenn Mangine, as the host.

PLEASE help us out and forward this to your friends!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Evie understands the letter of the law, if not the spirit.

**I promise at some point, this blog will actually be about something other than cute Evie pictures or anecdotes. I mean, because who (other than her dad, nana, and aunties) really cares? But sorry folks, she just makes me smile! :) **

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Evie la Pew

Pretty stinkin' adorable, huh? (Get it, "stinkin'"... I know, punny...)