Thursday, January 22, 2009

Some pics I ganked from my sister's facebook...

Evie, surprisingly enough, did NOT poop in the tub while Abbie was in there.

A "special treat"--ice cream!

Evie specifically chose this itickets hat and put it on herself.  Maybe she's mad in the picture cause she just realized it doesn't match her outfit.

This is actually a little doll diaper bag that Evie thinks is a hat.  Weirdo.

Deputy Evie.

Oh, and PS... Evie would like to put out a PSA for those who haven't already heard.  She's going to be a big sister!


a simple man of faith said...

Congratulations! (Signed in as Hal because I can never figure out how to do it otherwise with your blog) - Connie G

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! I hope and pray you have a healthy and complication-free pregnancy. When are you due?