Thursday, July 16, 2009

Post-partum Ponderings and a Picture

Please pardon the poor photo-- our camera is broken. Or, not really broken; it just never really worked.

So I am happy to report that I am able to fit into most of my pre-prego jeans. But my pre-prego BELTS don't fit. Explain that twisted logic to me.

I really love co-sleeping with the Itty-Bitty. Mostly because I'm lazy and can just flop over and nurse her. What I don't really love is that I sometimes forget that, unlike my 2 year old, Cana needs to be burped after she nurses. What I really really don't love is waking up in a pool of non-burped baby vomit. On the sheets that I washed yesterday. Goodness knows when they're going to get washed again. Throw down a towel and forget about it-- that's this mama's solution.

With this baby, I've ventured out into the wrapping world-- not as in gift-wrapping, as in wrap-style baby carriers. I've gotten some positive comments when I step out in the Gypsy Mama (such as a little old lady at the playground yesterday that asked me how in the world I ever got brave enough to try that) but mostly just really curious (mean?) stares. Maybe it's because, hearing the raspy, gargly baby snoring emitting from said fabric, they think I am carrying around a guinea pig, not a baby. And that would be even weirder than wrapping a baby. Aside: is it bad that my primary motivation for babywearing is to hide my postpartum pooch? Oh, wait. There's nothing postpartum about it. It was always there.

Toddler poo on cloth diapers is EXPONENTIALLY grosser than newborn poo on cloth diapers (or any sort of diaper, I would imagine. But disposables don't need to be dunked, so that lessens the grossness factor in my mind). And changing a 2 year old's diaper-- although it never really bothered me before, has become slightly obscene. Perhaps akin to changing my mom's diaper or something. Not that my mom wears diapers. That I know of. It might be time to get more serious about potty-training. My daughter, not my mom. My mom is on her own for that one.

I'm contemplating going to the Outer Banks next week to be with my family while Chris is at Creation West. Am I asinine to even attempt an eight hour trip with both girls (by myself)? Or would it be more asinine to attempt 8 days at home with both girls (by myself)? Evie is definitely in favor of going, and as long as I pack enough orange Tic Tacs and Yummy Earth lollipops, her obedience can most likely be bought. Cana doesn't care for orange Tic Tacs, so we might be up a creek there... Anyone want to take an all-expenses-paid trip to the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina? Scenic lactation stops are scheduled every 2-3 hours. (Or as scenic as you want them to be; I'm not shy.)


Dirkey said...

Oh I'd totally be on for a road trip if I wasn't already going on one with the hubbers.

Melody Strayer said...

Hubbers, schmubbers...:)

ctf said...

If you don't end up going to NC and you would like company for a sleepover or 2 next week let me know. : ) (but I think you will have fun if you head south.)

nanajobx said...

some day you may have to change my diapers. but i'm good for now.

MrsKennyD said...

Another great blog entry by Melody Strayer! If West wasn't the same week of our Florida trip I would totally join you! We made a 12 hour drive to Mars Hill, NC back in February and we survived. I'm sure you'll do fine!