Sunday, August 30, 2009

My newest niece

Am I allowed to call her that? I think I am. She feels like my family, and I've never met her.

Meet Fritzie.

I don't know her background; I haven't heard her story. But I do know this-- she has not been left as an orphan; Christ has come to Fritzie (John 14v8)-- in this case, using the hands and feet of my sister Gwenn and her husband Nick. She will join their family at Haitian Children's Home on Monday.

This is the Gospel, friends. Not multimillion dollar church buildings, not concerts with lights and fog machines, not a set of legalistic ideals that could purchase a pardon. A child was alone; she now has a mama and a daddy. She has a sister and two rascally brothers-- and many more siblings to come. In a sin-drenched world gone heart-breakingly awry, this is hope. This is Christ. This is the Gospel.


Dirkey said...

absolutely beautiful, your niece and the fact that she now has a home and a family.

nanajobx said...

this is your mama crying as she reads your words

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mama k said...

Wonderful. God is good.

Lydia said...

I just wandered to your blog via diapperswappers... and this post made me choke back tears... thank you, and Amen!!