Thursday, October 21, 2010

Evie: thoughts on candy and theology

Driving in the car to the grocery store, I hear Evie in the backseat consulting her "list".

"Mom," says the wee miss, "I have a list of all the kinds of candy that we need to get for Daddy at the store."

"Oh, you do?" I question. "Is it just for Daddy?"

"Well," ponders Evie, "My dad is a good man. I think he'll share with me. So, for Dad AND me."

Dubiously I reply, "Evie, I don't know that we are going to be getting any candy at the store today."

Incredulous, Evie asks, "Why NOT?!"

"For one thing," I respond, "it's not good for our bodies. Or our teeth. Or our skin."

Evie ponders for a few moments, then counters, "Mom... I guess I will just have my rules talk to your rules."

"Oh, you will?", a bemused mama snickers.

"Yes," Evie confidently replies. "And MY rules are GOD'S rules!"

Well, I guess there's no arguing with that.


nanajobx said...

Finally a blog!!!! Boy do I miss those babies!

ctf said...

That child is amazing and hysterical.

Julie Garner said...

Laughing hysterically!!! Does she really talk like this? It sounds just like you...and a little Chris (like the "my rules are God's rules"...totally Chris! LOL!) I love that Evie Strayer!