Monday, September 8, 2008

Soggy Mama's Weigh-In Tips...

So it's that time (again)... time to pull out the ol' Weight Watchers Points Finder and Restaurant Guide and buckle down. My baby is 14 months old, and the "baby weight" excuse is getting old... even to me. I tried going back to WW right after Evie was born. But I kept using my nursing points to eat ice cream. Seriously. ALL of my nursing points on ice cream. It was a delicious time in my life. But alas, the end goal of losing pregnancy pounds was not achieved. I love Weight Watchers. I really do. Which is further proof that I am not a crunchy mama, cause WW brand foods contain things like (gasp!) aspartame! and (double gasp!) food coloring!! (two essential staples in ANY soggy mama's diet...) So I started WW again about a month ago. So far it is going really well. In part, I attribute my success to a set of tried-and-true weigh-in guidelines. Follow these like the Gospel, mamas, and you won't be disappointed:

1) Weigh-in first thing in the morning, AFTER nursing the baby and AFTER...*ahem*..."eliminating" (if you will). I don't want to get into particulars here (as I am sure you don't want me to, either) but following these guidelines can boost your weight loss by a solid 1/2 lb. I kid you not.
2) Remove any and all jewelry... wedding bands, toe rings, necklaces, nose rings. I don't care what it is. Take it off.
3) Remove nail polish. I haven't actually tested this theory, but it only makes sense to me.
4) Remove spectacles or other vision-correction paraphernalia. I have tried weighing-in without my contact lenses, but I am unable to see the numbers. Considering buying a scale with a larger display.
5) Remove any and all articles of clothing. This, almost entirely, accounts for my reasoning in joining WW online rather than going to public meetings. I cannot say for sure what their stance is on the nude weigh-in, but I am pretty sure it is frowned upon.
6) Try eliminating again, just in case you missed some on the first round.
7) Vigorously brush teeth, ridding you of any weighty plaque issues.
8) Step gingerly on the scale, one foot at a time. Stand very still and exhale deeply, then hold your breath. I don't really think that this contributes to a lower number on the scale, but I feel like it adds a little flare of the dramatic--and I'm certainly never opposed to that.

Voila! Baby-weight-be-gone!

What about you? Any brilliant weigh-in strategies to share with a chubby-ish mama?


Karen and Evan Parrish said...

I really want to do the WW thing on-line, too. I haven't taken the plunge yet, because we're broke. But as soon as we have a little money, I'm there!

Gwenn Mangine said...

Don't forget to shave and, if possible, cut/shave off your hair.

Gretchen said...

Damn. Gwenn beat me to it.

ctf said...

Stand on one foot.


I wait until my roommate is gone (she has the scale in her bedroom for some reason) and then run into her room in the buff to weigh myself. yes, seriously

Em said...

Well, I can't speak from a mama's perspective since I'm not one, but your regimen sounds pretty much like mine (except the nursing, of course) :)

I also have the WW scale that measures % H2O and % body fat. Okay, the % body fat is a bit depressing, but you can sometimes see the difference quicker, especially if you gain muscle like I do when you start to work out.

Anonymous said...

question. (yes Dwight) any suggestions for the underprivileged in the breast-feeding department?

Dirkey said...

Speaking from experience in the weekly meeting dept. There are some people that get pretty danggg close to nekkid in there during weigh in.

Umm for Karen go to diet bug basically a free weight watchers. It does count protein and carbs too but this is helpful to me cause it forces me to not eat my "points" in ice cream. I may or may not have been known to eat brocolli breakfast, lunch and dinner so that I could have a ridiculous amount of ice cream.

Yes Melody another similarity. I think we might be sisters, like for real lets talk to our moms.

Melody Strayer said...

Dear Ashlea,

Have a baby.


Jude and Kate's Mom said...

Well, I've been known to nurse the baby and then pump again before I get on the scale...just to make sure there is nothing left in there. Also, I read somewhere that you can lose up to a half pound just taking a hot shower. But then, you have to be sure to be completely and all, or you may have to blame any weight gain on "water retention"...which I often do anyway!

I go to the meetings...we're all in the same boat, so "practically naked" is the norm.