Friday, February 27, 2009

The (almost) littlest Strayer :)

(**Disclaimer-- I know this photo is probably completely inappropriate for me to post.  Oh, well.)

Evie is turning into quite the big girl these days.  I've always heard mamas say that seeing their "babies" gain independence is bittersweet, but I am truly relishing each new thing she learns and accomplishes.  It is so fun to see her little personality develop!  So, because I am sure that my three readers are dying to know, I'm gonna brag on my girly a little bit!

Ev is talking like CRAZY; she totally gets the whole sentence concept... I mean, she doesn't always use the proper tense or subject/predicate order, but she is becoming quite the little communicator.  Somebody (not me; Elmo, maybe?) has been working on phonics with her lately; I  heard her saying to herself yesterday, "C says CA--CA--CA!"  She loves to sing, and she loves to make up little songs by herself; you know, "Ode to the Potty" and other such classics...

Speaking of which, she is becoming quite the little potty-proficient these days.  Although she still wears her cloth dipes for the majority of the day, she will often tell me when she needs to go.  She can be found at all hours of the day, sitting on her little pot with book in hand, tending to her bid'ness.  She gets one Smartie if she pees and two Smarties if she, well... you get the idea.  She thinks Potty Treats are the best thing in the whole wide world (well, pretty much.)

Evie Grace started sleeping in her BIG GIRL BED! (woot, woot) last week, and the adjustment has gone much smoother than I anticipated.  She is very proud of this accomplishment, and likes to go "check out" (her words) her bed several times a day.  We wanted to get her well-accustomed to this before The Newbie comes along, so she wouldn't feel like she was being "kicked out" of her space.  She still wakes up fairly regularly at night, but the wonderful thing is that I can curl up in her little bed with her and nurse her (yes, she's still nursing!) back to sleep.  I so love those cuddly times with my girl; it's not often that she wants to snuggle in her waking time anymore, so I will take what I can get.

I could go on and on, and perhaps I will (another time).  I love being this girl's mama.  I'm grateful that Jesus gave her to us.


ctf said...

adorable pic. She is the sweetest and cutest.

And you'll deny it, because you are humble and all, but you are an amazing Mommy... and great friend, too.

Evie and the strayer to be and their Daddy are very blessed.

nanajobx said...

gosh..i just love her :)

Moriah Freeman said...

i think shes like 4yr old in a 1yr olds body :) :)...shes so cute and mature...cant wait to see what this second baby is like :) :)


Susan Strayer said...

I can't believe she remembers the C ca, ca thing. I was telling her about letter sounds when we were working with the letter puzzle I brought along on Friday. Amazing, really amazing!!