Friday, February 6, 2009

Some observations...

1) 10+" snow plus a 32" little girl= HILARIOUS.  I mean, I probably should've helped her, but come on.  You gotta get your kicks somehow.
2) Speaking of kicks: The Wiggles?  They're a little bit hot.
3) There's nothing sweeter than having your sweaty-heady baby fall asleep on your lap when you're checking your email.
4) There's nothing more annoying than a cashier who refuses to *help* bag your groceries EVEN THOUGH she's done ringing you up.  So she just stands there and watches you do it while your 1-year-old systematically sorts your credit cards into two piles: mouth or floor.
5) Only slightly less annoying is when the 6 mo. prego manager comes over to help bag (on a separate occasion) but she can't put the 5 lb. container of bleach in your cart because she's "in a delicate condition".  A) It's FIVE LBS.!! B) You're pregnant, not crippled.  C) I'M PREGNANT, TOO FOR PETE'S SAKE!!
6) If you're in the transitional stages of labor, don't come into the OB's office and wait for an appointment.  Especially when the hospital is in the same building.  I'm waiting here with all the other blissfully comfortable 4 month pregos; believe me, we don't want to remember.  


a simple man of faith said...

I really like #5. Really.

Again, Connie as Hal (I really need to get a google account of my own)

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Gretchen said...

The Wiggles? Incredibly annoying.