Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Future Philanthropist?

As aforementioned, Evie is a very musical little girl. She loves to make up songs about diapers, her baby sister (yes, it's a girl!), her sandbox, and most recently, Barack Obama. (I'm not kidding.)

But this one takes the cake. On Sunday, we were driving through the city and she spotted Water Street Rescue Mission. She pointed out her window and demanded, "What's that?!?" (her mantra these days). I said, "Oh, that's the homeless shelter, Evie."

A few minutes later I hear her clear her throat and prepare to debut her latest melodic masterpiece:

"Homeless shelter, homeless shelter-- Let's be friends!! Let's be friends!!
Let's play together, let's play together! Let's be kind, please be kind!"

Well, I can certainly think of less noble aspirations for my girl. :)


nanajobx said...

we want some more videos!!!

nanajobx said...

we want some more videos!!!

ctf said...

I love that everything is a song with her. It's a good thing... and terribly/wonderfully sweet.

nanajobx said...

how can she help but sing her dad is a music promoter and her mom's name is Melody!

Karen and Evan Parrish said...

Oh yeah, Evie and Evan would get along great. She would sing, he would dance. At the slightest bit of music, he starts dancing. :) It would be perfect!