Monday, March 16, 2009

The Master of Disaster!

As the video mentions, Evie has been in her "big girl bed" for at least a few weeks. After the first day, we haven't had *any* problems with her getting out of bed during nap or nighttime.

Until today.

Let me make a disclaimer: Yes, I was napping in the next room (I'm pregnant--sue me!). But I had the monitor on, as I always do. And like any other mom, I can even hear the subtle yet distinct change in breathing when Evie awakes; I NEVER heard a peep out of that kid. Not one. Perhaps she has mastered the art of stealth. Or perhaps I was just really, really tired!

PS-- remarkably (and providently?!), Evie managed to find the owner's manual for her umbrella stroller in the closet. She colored (in pink permanent marker) on that, but not the rocker, or the books, or the walls, etc. etc. Thanks be to God. That's not flippant; literally-- thank You, God.

Oh, and PS 2-- If anyone cares, those are gdiaper liners strewn about the room-- NOT maxi pads. I mean, not that it would be any more unusual to have maxi pads in your 1 year old's closet than, say, MAGIC MARKERS!!! sigh.


mama k said...

oh nooo!

reminds me of the sharpie meets the wooden paneling incident...

a simple man of faith said...

Ah, the stealth colorer - I thank God with you about WHERE the permanent marker ended up. (Connie as Hal)

Katie said...

btw, Magic Eraser...seriously magic.
But that video was funny...I liked how you kept asking her "what did you DO?", trying to be all stern while you were nearly cracking up.
Good times, good times.

Melody Strayer said...

Does Magic Eraser seriously remove permanent marker?? Good to know!

ctf said...

i'm sorry that I am laughing hysterically. I know it's not funny... but ok yes it is.

Jude and Kate's Mom said...

Oh my gosh! Jude just wants to keep watching this again. I think he's glad someone besides him is in big trouble for a change! haha! And you look HOT in that picture holding the masterpiece for us to see.