Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lazy day...

Chris had a class all day long today, so I decided that Evie and I were going to have a "Jammie Day"; well, if you want to get technical, I showered and changed out of one pair of sweats into another pair of sweats... and Evie has been wearing a onesie all day. It wasn't entirely unproductive, actually; I sorted through a bunch of baby stuff and started to prepare for our upcoming yard sale, did mass amounts of laundry, listed some stuff on craigslist, etc. etc.

But by about 4 pm, I was bored out of my mind. Was there a bunch more cleaning/organizing I COULD have done? Of course. But instead, Ev and I whipped up a batch of cookies. And yes, I am a bad mom and let her lick the beaters (errr, singular "beater". I licked the other one. But it was for the baby. I swear). So, long day... but at least 37 minutes of my day were pleasantly occupied with sweet baby giggles and peanut butter kisses. :)

Oops, better go... Evie just brought me the packing tape and asked me to "try it on". We'll see how that goes.

She got that sucker CLEAN!

Enjoying the fruits of her labor.


nanajobx said...

what a good where are nanny's cookies?

ctf said...

I love it. Those kinds of days are treasures.