Wednesday, April 1, 2009


When I was in Raleigh this past weekend, saying goodbye to my sister who is moving to Haiti, I decided to go get Evie's portraits made for Chris's birthday gift (he had mentioned that it would be nice to have it done, and really... what do you get for the man that wants nothing?! :) ). In her almost 21 month existence on this earth, she has never had her pictures taken professionally. Mostly because I prefer candid shots to, say, Evie in front of a Grecian temple or something. Also because I am pretty lazy. And cheap.

But I digress. Although it did prove to be a horrific experience that I will likely never repeat, we did get lots of cute shots of my girly. I'm not going to post those cute shots here; it would ruin the Mother's Day "surprise" for my mom and Chris's mom. I will, however, post a few of the "out-takes" that were on the CD in my package deal. (The saleslady told me that I pretty much needed to have a CD with the images; she said that if my house burned down, I would feel really horribly if I lost all the pictures of my kid...?!?!)

The taking of and subsequent purchase of these photos coincided with Chris's trip to Cite Soleil, one of the biggest slums on the planet. I am in NO WAY judging those who choose to purchase their children's portraits on a regular basis; it's a really nice memory to have. But it was definitely a sobering reminder to me-- that while there are precious souls literally subsisting on mud-cakes (really), I'm spending a small fortune on marginal memorabilia. My sister "gets" it-- that's why she's moving to Haiti. I think that Chris is starting to "get it", especially after this recent trip. God, help me to see the value of things in YOUR economy; help me to store up treasures that neither rust or moth can destroy! Help me to "get it"!


a simple man of faith said...

I think you do get it. Connie as Hal

nanajobx said...

it's sometimes hard to balance out all of this.
the pictures are wonderful. enjoy them.
God will continue to make your heart bigger and bigger and give you more and more oppurtunites to "get it"