Monday, December 5, 2011

Makeover Monday-- Chevron Buffet Table

I love doing crafts and fun home projects. I don't do them super well, so it seems a little narcissistic to document them on my blog ('cause who really cares if I spray painted my candlesticks? Yeah, didn't think so.) But, two things: 1) I really want to become more purposeful about blogging. Not necessarily because I am wanting people to read it, but because I think it's a really easy way to chronicle the life and times of our little family. And 2) I actually love when my bloggy friends post pictures of their homes, or a craft they completed, or a Christmas gift they are creating. Because even if I don't share their style sense, it almost always motivates me to want to create something personal for my own home, most of the time using something we already have. So, in that spirit-- I am going to try and regularly post some of my projects (remember-- we gutted a garage/warehouse and turned it into a home, so there are lots!) on Mondays. Hence "Makeover Monday." Lame, huh? "Magnificent Makeover Monday"? "Moderately Magnificent but Mostly Marginal Makeover Monday"? It needs work.

Speaking of makeovers, I need one. For reals. Clinton Kelly can hit me up

I saw this buffet months ago in a junk/antique shop downtown. It wasn't so much that I *loved* it-- but I had been wanting some kind of buffet/server in our dining room. I did love that it was only $20. So I called Chris and asked if I could buy it. He said no. :) But he went back a few months later and picked it up for my birthday. Awwwww....

Not surprising that it was still there, cause it was in rough shape. Here it is before (I had already removed the door):

(It's ok. I know it's ugly.)

Here it is after a coat or two (or four) of paint:

Kinda fun? Kinda lame? I (personally) love how it turned out, and it's great for storing bibs and tablecloths and our huge stash of mismatched cloth napkins. It's definitely not perfect, but nothing in my house is. It makes me feel more comfortable with my lack of personal perfection. :) Are you working on any makeovers? Do you know Clinton Kelly? Can you put in a good word for me?


Shena said...

Well I LOVE how it turned out, Mel! I am just like you on that part about being motivated by the creativity of others. I always have my hands in some kind of paint, fabric, yarn... something!! LOVE to make, repurpose and build ANYTHING if I can figure out how to do it! =) Happy Makeover Monday my dear soggy momma friend!


Melody Strayer said...

Shena, do you have a blog? Or do you post pics on FB of your crafty stuff? I would LOVE to see!

Anonymous said...

The best part of being crafty is seeing things for what they can be and not just what they are. I love how it turned out! Nice job!!

nanajobx said...

Melody...a child of my own heart.
Andrea..I think there is a sermon in that...