Monday, December 19, 2011

Makeover Monday: Pottery Barn Pinterest Project

Please pardon the piddliness of this post.

Projects are plentiful and pending completion perfection.

(How about that thar alliteration?! Shout out to Miss Dixon, my sixth grade language arts teacher. Who got married to a man but then left him for my female 10th grade language arts teacher. True story. Boo.)

No, of course I didn't just google a synonym for "completion". Ahem.

Awesome alliteration aside, this is just a quickie post about one of the Pinterest projects I've done lately. What's that? You're not on Pinterest? Well, by all means, stop caring for your kids and preparing meals for your husband and get on over!!

I saw this bad boy at the Pottery Barn outlet several months ago, and I fell in love a little bit:

But it was $69.00.

The heck you say.

So when I saw something with a similar look on pinterest a while back, I whipped my hair back and forth it up.

I had some of the materials on hand, and grabbed the rest for about $2 at the thrift store (brass candlesticks and old cake pans multiply like bunny rabbits on the shelves of Goodwill-- so easy to find.) I have also seen people use new cake pans, but I like old crusty crap the weathered patina.

A little spray paint and Gorilla glue later, my own little tiered cake stand cutie:

Ok, so yeah. I like the Pottery Barn one better too. But considering that I spent about $5 total and not $69 + taxes and tags, I think it's a decent stand-in. How about you? Have you made any Pinterest projects lately? Are you a compulsive pinner like me?

What's that? You actually prefer to play with your kids instead of mindlessly browsing images of houses you will never own? Me, too.

Of course.


Michelle said...

I love this!

mama k said...

Cute! I am a compulsive pinner too. But you probably already knew that b/c you've seen me on there. I do not seem to actually accomplish many home crafts though. Kiddie activies are all I can manage these days.