Sunday, December 25, 2011

Makeover Monday: nursery before and after

I hope everybody had an amazing Christmas! Ours was super low-key and relaxing. And by relaxing, of course I mean imbibing a ridiculous number of Christmas cookies, picking up bits of Moon Sand smashed into the carpet (what part of me thought that was a good idea?!), and playing with my new (old) 1918 paper cutter (my husband knows me so well). I thought about doing a Christmas post on some of the gifts/crafts that I made this year. But then Chris told me (truthfully) that one of the gifts, a unicorn costume for my eerily unicorn obsessed daughter, looked more like a pig in a party hat. So I decided that perhaps it wasn't worth a post. But I definitely am going to be adding some cute pictures of my adorable little lovies enjoying their Christmas! So grab a cup of cocoa and stay tuned. Organic cocoa made with local, raw, grass-fed cow milk, of course. 'Cause I am crunchy like that. Really.

When we moved in to the Crack House, we planned to make the smallest bedroom into the nursery. It didn't seem horrible at first glance, but there had been some water damage that had to be repaired. The previous tenants, when they realized that water was coming into the room from the exterior, lifted up the corner of the carpet and coated the seam with spray foam. Great idea for keeping out moisture. (Did you catch that? That was sarcasm. Using spray foam to seal a leak = water coming into the house elsewhere. Truth.)

While it wasn't cosmetically the worst part of the house, it did need some work to waterproof it and repair the water damage.

We painted, and replaced the ceiling tiles and carpet.

It's an itty-bitty room, so it's hard to photograph...

but I think it's sweet and cute. For a sweet and cute little baby.
Not that she has ever actually slept in her crib. In fact, I am currently petitioning the Household Manager to let me turn the nursey into a playroom. So far it's a no-go.

I like decorating baby rooms-- but I am not really into "cutesy" nurseries. I'd rather something that can last for a while. Unless you decide to turn it into a playroom, of course. What about you? Are you into Winnie the Pooh and pastels? Pretty pinks and boyish blues? How did you decorate your nursery for your babies?


Shena said...

We bought a neutral barnyard cribset/decor. A.K.A. a set that I wouldn't have to replace if the next baby is opposite gender. =) ALL our big stuff is neutral. I love to decorate anything that will sit still so rooms are at a high risk of being attacked. =D

Name: Misty said...

For our "nursery", I've re-decorated/re-organized the master bedroom. So it definitely is NOT a "cutesy" style.

This time around, I'm looking at what I'd like to have there and look at there during my coming Baby Moon.

The biggest challenge has been figuring out sleeping arrangements.

mama k said...

Nice! I love your style.

Our first nursery was beachy themed and a little on the cutesy side. Now the boy share a room and what was once the nursery is now our home office/craft/storage area. Baby 3 will be rooming in with us until he/she can move into brothers' room. Though their room might need a spruce up by then...